Sabtu, 25 Juni 2016

Blogger Aplication For Teaching

Didit Radinal - EED 6-A - 1113014000017 - UAS Media Language Learning (MLL)

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Bloggers is an application from to make a Web logs and Journals, to posted a website that can be seen by everyone. The feature in a bloggers not only just post your article to the internet, but you can edited after you post it and this post can be commented by everyone on the internet. It make student more creative and increasing willingness to share ideas with the others. In this article I tried to focus on increasing reading & writing skills even in the other hand, we still increase speaking with make a video and shared in Bloggers, but it is less viewers than video library application like a YouTube. But it is still functional to increase student skill in learning English.

To start the learning with the Bloggers application. First I will tell the student the material. In this case. The topic is about the Traditional food in America. So I will order the student to find the material first on the internet or books in school library. By doing reading, student can increase their ability in reading skills. And increase their knowledge about the American food. Second, the student will write what they have read about American food plus they will make a video presentation about American food and post to the internet. It will increase the writing skills and speaking skills plus they will increase their pronounciation in this post. In next meeting, teachers will correct the article that student have made in their blogs and it will posted again in blog class. And it will increased their willingness to share their idea on the internet.

With using this application the student will increase three skills in learning (Reading, Writing, and Speaking) and increased the student willingness to share their ideas about something to the internet. but in the other hand. The student required to comprehend the bloggers application. 

Note Tambahan (Diluar Tugas): Assalamualaikum, Maaf pemirsa, saya belom bisa manfaatkan blog saya dengan sebaik-baiknya. semoga kedepannya saya bisa mosting artikel kembali. jangan bosen main berkunjung kemari ^_^

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